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Swim Zone Te Aroha - The spa is temporarily closed due to a failure with the heat pump. A new heat pump is on order but unfortunately will take 3 months to get it installed. Sorry for the inconvenience.  


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Book No. 2 Bath House

From Monday 20 June Swim Zone Te Aroha will be trialling a different approach to the No.2 Bath House.

The Bath House public sessions will now run at the start of every hour for half an hour during normal opening hours. You can still book the No.2 Bath House for yourself and friends for a private session at a private session rate. Please note all private bookings will need to be booked at least an hour before your private session.

Otherwise public sessions will be available for everyone for just $5 per person. Please note the Bath House can only accommodate 10 people at any one time.


Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your booking time


About No. 2 Bath House

  • The mineral water is made up on silica, bicarbonate and keeps the skin soft
  • The water temperature is a natural source and the temperature can vary between 35 – 40 degrees


No. 2 Bath House Health and Wellness

  • Both private and public bookings must have minimum of 2 people – maximum 10
  • If you have a skin or medical condition please seek medical advice prior to bathing
  • Children under 16 years cannot enter the bath house without supervision of a caregiver 16 years or older.  There will be no lifeguard stationed in the bath house
  • Due to the high temperatures of the water we advise people who are pregnant NOT to use the pool
  • If you have been sick with vomiting or diarrhoea in the last 14 days do not enter the pool
  • Approved swim wear must be worn
  • No oils or products to be used in the No.2 bath house water
  • It is important to keep hydrated while bathing. Please bring a water bottle to fill upon arrival
  • For health and safety reasons, it is recommended you DO NOT put your head under the water
  • To take full advantage of the mineral water and it’s potential benefits, swim and shower before using the bath house to retain the minerals on your skin