Number 2 Bath House

The #2 bath house is now open!

FREE 15 minute bathing is available for the public to book #2 bath house from Sunday 20 June – 18 July 2020.  Phone 07 884 4498 for bookings ( Minimum 2 people and maximum of 6 people per booking).  Normal pool entry rates apply should you wish to Swim at Swim Zone Te Aroha before or after your spa.

Available from 10am – 3:55pm Monday – Sunday.

Arrive 5 minutes prior to your booking time and shower in the Swim Zone changing rooms prior to entering the #2 bath house.


#2 bath house rules

  • Original water temp is 70°C and is cooled to 40°C
  • 6 people maximum in the pool 
  • Minimum of 2 people in the pool
  • No one under 16 years may enter the bath house without supervision as there will be no lifeguard stationed in the bath house.
  • Pregnant people may not use the pool due to the high temperature
  • If you have been sick with vomiting or diarrhoea in the last 14 days do not enter the pool.
  • It’s not recommended you put your head under the water due to the high bicarb levels   
  • To take full advantage of the mineral water and it’s potential benefits, swim and shower before using the bath house to retain the minerals on your skin
  • The mineral water is made up on silica, bicarbonate and keeps skin soft 
  • Togs are essential 
  • Do not visit if you are sick